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Prescription Drug Discounts - Local Pharmacies
Savings up to 65%

Prescriptions are continuing to increase in price. The Association of Retired Americans wants to help make your prescriptions more affordable. With this membership feature, you will receive valuableEnhanced Benefits Logo savings on prescriptions that you purchase at any participating pharmacy. Anyone living in your household may also use this valuable card.

Local Pharmacy
ARA members have direct access to the Enhanced Benefits Card prescription discount program. Members can save on both generic and brand name drugs.

Savings up to 65%
• Use your ARA membership card or your Enhanced Benefits Card at more than 59,000 participating pharmacies nationwide (including all major pharmacies).
• There are no restrictions or limits on how many times you can use the card on prescription drug purchases.
• Use the card for any prescription not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance.

EBC Member Prescription Savings
Ambien $57.84 $49.16 15%
Labetalol HCL $9.64 $7.33 24%
Omeprazole 20mg $56.72 $13.00 77%
Lipitor $148.78 $119.35 20%
Hydrocodone-Aceteminophin $37.46 $15.30 59%
Zyrtec $74.58 $63.00 16%

The chart above is only an example of savings. Prices may vary by drug and by pharmacy. Prices show are subject to change without notice. Prescription discount cards may not be used in combination with Medicare, Medicaid, or other third party payer program.

This is NOT INSURANCE. It is a discount program; the pharmacist will collect the entire amount due upon delivery of your prescription.


If you are an ARA member, please Click Here to login with your ARA Member ID number for details on how to use this feature.

Note: EBC Card partners are only responsible or liable for the service or materials they provide. This is NOT insurance, but does provide discounts at certain providers for health care services. The member must pay for all health care services but will receive a discount from those providers who have contracted with the program.

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