Monday, October 24, 2016
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Welcome to ARA!

John K Smith

A message to you from the President of The Association of Retired Americans, John K. Smith



The Association of Retired Americans (ARA) is a national-not-for-profit membership organization. For over 40 years, ARA has helped active Americans secure a better life while keeping a no political agenda policy.

Members not only receive needed information to enhance both pre-retirement and retirement living but they also receive valuable programs for themselves and their families. We have designed our membership for active Americans age 45 plus. Those under 45 can also join as associate members, enjoying all the features of ARA except voting on Association issues or any specified age-restricted programs.

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An editorial Message from our Webmaster about 2017 COLA (or how the politicians have fixed it so we actually get less money than we got 2 years ago) and the elections. You won't often see my commentary here. But ...

... The increase in both Social Security and Federal Retirement benefits is a meager 0.03% ... or 30 cents per hundred dollars paid in benefits. Why bother? you may ask ... because 'they' can't raise the Medicare Part B premiums if there is no increase in the COLA. This will be the smallest increase on record with the exception of the several years without any COLA increase. And I suspect that the increase was made just so the Medicare Part B premiums could be raised. And for the average person receiving $1,200 in benefits, the increase is a hot $3.60. Really? And by the time Part B premiums are taken out of the payment, the average payment increases only $0.90. (That's ninety cents. JUST 90 cents.) Won't even buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks; as if we retirees could afford Starbucks.

Some economic indicators: While joblessness has fallen from over 15% in 2009 to about 5% currently, employment for 25 to 54-year-olds remains depressed. The GDP is doing great, but household income is diminishing. It's gone from almost $57,000 in 2009 to less than $54,000 in 2015 (adjusted for inflation)

It is election time. NOW is the time to review your candidates carefully. Regardless of party affiliation, ask yourself:

  • What is their position on the economy? What are their plans to fix it?
  • How does the candidate feel about personal and corporate income tax?
  • How do they feel about climate change?
  • What are their plans for Social Security?
  • Medicare spending is due to double in the next 10 years. What are they going to do to rein in the pharmaceutical industries' rapacious pricing?

I am Lynda, the Webmaster. I work behind the scenes, creating and updating this website.You may email me at


An informational site for Adults 45+ years of age.

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