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ARA Careington Ultimate Discount Plan now available in all states EXCEPT the State of Washington, Vermont, Massachusetts and Montana.

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John K Smith

A message to you from the President of The Association of Retired Americans, John K. Smith



Since 1975 The Association of Retired Americans has worked without political agenda to provide members only the best discount benefits and services. The Dental, Vision, Hearing, Testing and Prescription discount plans will save you and your family Hundreds, or even Thousands of dollars every year! JOIN TODAY! Tell your family, friends, and neighbors how they too can become ARA members and begin to save right away! To join today, “click here CV

In the recent economy, fundraising has become an important part of schools' and non-profit's budget and, due to recent requests, ARA is pleased to announce fundraising tailored just for them! For every ARA membership sold, the organization will receive $10! Click here for more details...

*1. Basic Plan: No enrollment fee, $30.00 per year.

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To mail or fax your application, please Click Here to download. Complete and either mail or fax the Basic Membership application.

*2. Ultimate Plan: Enrollment fee of $29.95. Annual fee of $120.00 ($149.95 for the first year) or you may select a monthly bank draft of $8.45, plus $2.50 per month ($30/year) which is allocated to your ARA dues. First payment is $40.90 ($8.45 Monthly fee plus the $2.50 membership dues plus the onetime enrollment fee of $29.95.)

ARA Careington Ultimate Discount Plan.
Please Click Here to download.

Complete and either mail or fax the ARA Careington Ultimate Discount Plan application.

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